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Rolexムーブメントのオーバーホール - Arbitro
Repair Guide

Rolex movement overhaul

Rolex movement overhaul and rotor core replacement.

I don't think it's easy to open, but if you open the back cover with a special opener, you will find a movement like this.

This movement is Cal.3130, a machine that has been manufactured from 2000 to the present and can be said to be the best movement so far. You often hear that overhaul is necessary, but what kind of condition is it actually necessary to overhaul? That's something you don't quite understand.

This photo shows how it is easy to understand.

The first and second photos are in the state before overhaul. Each part is dirty, isn't it?

As you continue to use it, such stains will gradually adhere to the parts and eventually cause a malfunction.

The cause is that the lubricating oil used to suppress friction gradually volatilizes, which becomes dirty due to dust inside and changes to the state shown in the photograph. .. After that, the packing (rubber parts) used for the back cover and crown deteriorates over the years, gradually creating gaps, and dust and water gradually enter from there. You can think of something like that.

The meaning of overhauling

-Check the condition of each part by disassembling everything, and if it is bad, replace the parts and return the movement (machine) to the best condition.

-And replace the packing (windshield depending on the condition), return the waterproof and dustproof properties to the specifications at the time of sale as much as possible, and remove the one that causes the failure.

If this is neglected, the machine will be out of order and will not be able to function as a clock. Therefore, the meaning of overhauling once every three to four years is hidden.

How beautiful is it when you overhaul? ..

Overhaul (repairing by completely disassembling and cleaning, lubricating, assembling, etc.) In such a beautiful state.

This is the normal state.Also, if you compare the stone (ruby) part, it will be completely different before and after.

This picture is easy to understand. When lubricated, it looks like water has accumulated in the ruby, and this condition suppresses wear and prolongs the life of the parts.

Next, let's see how to replace the rotor core.

The rotor core is the part that supports the rotor in the center of the rotor (weight).

It's this kind of guy. Where are the parts? ..

Let's check it with the photo above.

It supports a weight called a rotor in the middle of the movement.

When you turn over the middle part, it looks like this.

The left is a normal part and the right is a broken state.

If this part is broken, it will rub against other parts as the rotor rotates and become a shah or make a rattling noise.

In this case, it is necessary to replace the rotor core.

Replacing parts of this rotor core costs a lot of money, so you have to expect a reasonable amount of money together with the overhaul fee. The rotor is the most important part of a Rolex self-winding watch, so if it doesn't work properly, it can't be helped.

Because it's a big deal, let's look at different parts. Speaking of Rolex movement, it is this red part.

What is this part reverser called a reverser? I think that. It's a little technical story.

Automatic winding uses a weight to wind up, but it is a switching transmission car type = reverser type bidirectional automatic winding that switches in both directions only with gears. 〇〇 A car is attached, but this refers to parts. The parts of the clock are named "somehow a car".

Returning to the story, bidirectional automatic winding means that not only does the weight wind up when it moves in one direction, but it can also be wound up thanks to this reverser even if the weight moves in the opposite direction. The reason for the red color is that it is anodized to increase the hardness of the surface and is colored red so that the degree of deterioration (degree of damage) can be seen at a glance.

To put it simply, "to make the surface harder and to allow repair craftsmen to quickly determine when to replace it."

And it is a change from the Cal3100 series, but the parts that support the balance are now "twin bridges" that support from both directions (left and right).

If you look at the picture above, can you see that there is a part that looks like a bird with its wings spread on a golden ring called a balance in the lower right? In the upper part of the center of the balance, there is a seismic device called Kiff shock that softens the impact on the balance. This has the role of keeping the balance horizontal at all times and protecting it from impacts, and it is firmly supported by the left and right plates.

By changing to this Twin Bridge, the Rolex movement, which was originally good in accuracy and durability, has become the best movement at the moment, with more stability and easier maintenance.

It's a little technical, but the good thing about Rolex is the large supply of replacement parts and the fact that it can be used for a long time after repairs. Also, since the work precision of each part is high, if a skilled craftsman repairs it, it will be quite accurate and it will not break easily.

When it comes to Rolex, it's easy to talk about prices and asset values, but I'd be happy if you could tell that it's still good as a product. You don't open the back cover to see the movement in normal use. By learning about the movement, I hope that it will become more attached and usable for a long time.

We also receive consultations on repairs (overhauls), so if you have any problems, please contact Albitro.

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